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Despite advances in healthcare technologies, poor record-keeping can still prevent providers from delivering the best patient care possible. By simplifying and centralizing patient and provider data, you can spend less time and money managing information, and more on improving care and your bottom line.

Computerized information and communication systems are becoming essential for maintaining dynamic operations capable of delivering the best customer experience at the lowest cost. Our healthcare workflow automation solutions reduce human errors and improve accuracy, which speeds up processes and helps members lead happier and healthier lives. 

A Xerox Customer Story: Cleveland Clinic realizes local and global interoperability with ECM-EMR integration. 

One of the top hospitals in the U.S. wanted to make its clinical documents available through the Epic EMR and give physicians access to patient documents during referrals. This large health system with 50,000 hospital administrators, 3.3 million patients and 60 facilities turned to this solution. 
Two key lessons were learned: centralized scanning improves quality and reduces manual administrative costs, and creating a governance committee is important to establishing enterprise standards and prioritizing projects. With 22,800 users, 1.9 million documents are now viewable through Epic and that number is growing fast. Now physicians can focus their attention on spending time with patients and making the best decisions, not trying to locate paper records.

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Patient Electronic Registration
Go paperless by capturing information using a tablet. Everything is digital and accessible to all parties right away.
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Vendor Neutral Archive
Gain a single storage platform to standardize and centralize medical imaging studies and other patient data from multiple vendor Picture Archive Communication Systems (PACS).
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Integrated Electronic Health Records
Achieve true EHR integration by bringing all records—charts, faxes, photos, insurance cards, consent forms and more—into one easy system.  
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Medical Staff Credentialing
Avoid lapses in credentialing with effective storage, management and tracking.
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